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No production hiccups. Customer orders are fulfilled with the highest quality.

Top Of The Line

The largest in its location and most technologically advanced in its class.

Strategically Located

Located near source, port, or clients, bringing cost and time savings to our customers.

Rotary Kiln Plant

Located in Yangquanqu, Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province, this is the largest rotary kiln in China, capable of calcining in excess of 700 tons of bauxite daily, or 200,000 tons per annum.

The plant is built on 65,000 sq meters of land, boasting sufficient warehousing for the stocking of raw bauxite and the finished product, as well as ample factory space where we house machinery and equipment for crushing and sizing.

Commissioned in 2008, this kiln measures 120 meters in length, with a 3.5 meter diameter at the front of the kiln and a 4 meters diameter at the exit end.

Tunnel Kiln Plant

Located in Wutongzhong, Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province, this is the only tunnel kiln in China capable of calcining Alpha Star.

Sitting on land area of more than 36,000 sq meters, this plant produces 15,000 tons of Alpha Star per annum. 

Commissioned in 2011, this kiln measures 120 meters in length and is 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters tall.


Tianjin Processing Plant

Located in Lingang Economic Zone, Tianjin, China, this plant is strategically located 700km away from the Group’s Rotary Kiln Plant and Tunnel Kiln Plant in Xiaoyi, Shanxi Province. 

Equally important, the Tianjin Processing Plant is only a stone’s throw away from the port of Xingang, Tianjin, where all of the Group’s exports are loaded and shipped. 

Built on more than 54,000 sq meters of land, this plant is equipped with the most comprehensive list of technologically advanced equipment:

  • PE-400×600 combined Jaw Crushing and Sieving with a 210 meter belt for the crushing of lumps
  • PL-700 Barmac and Mogensen Sieving Line
  • PL-850 Barmac and Mogensen Sieving Line
  • Two units of 5R Raymon Mills
  • Pulse Bag Filter (dust collection system)
Commissioned in October 2013, our Tianjin plant is currently crushing and sizing 200,000MT of refractory material per annum, exclusively for the Group. Products include but are not limited to Bauxite, Alpha Star, Brown Fused Alumina and Silicon Carbide.
Most of our peers rent their premises, inadvertently facing production hiccups as a result of having to relocate their processing plants and warehouses from time to time. Our Group owns and operates all of our plants in China, achieving the enviable position of not encountering issues such as the land bureau redefining the purposes for the use of land or environmental protection permits halting production.


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