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When it comes to the refractory supplies industry, few can match the rich heritage of global experience, expertise and sheer capacity of our Group.

We’ve been at it for 25 years.
Since 1993, we have been delivering top quality refractory grade bauxite from Shanxi, China. Today, we offer a much larger portfolio of products servicing more than 90 customers.

We’re global.
By 1999, we had strengthened our foundations and expanded our global reach by exporting to a number of destinations. We operate in China, Singapore, Germany, and the US, and service clients in 60+ locations across the world.

We’re experienced and versatile.
We have extensive experience fulfilling the product requirements of a variety of customers each operating at different scales with a different set of demands. No matter how big or small, you can count on us to react swiftly and positively to your needs.

We operate on a large scale.
We are the only Chinese supplier that is vertically integrated from mining to processing, to supplying customers directly. Our staffing is 500 strong and we operate across 6 continents. Only with such expertise and scale comes the capability to deliver products that meet the stringent quality and timeline requirements of the refractory material makers of the world.


Meet Our Team

Things don’t happen on their own. Our people drive our business forward.

Raymond Tan

group cfo & gm -international

Barbel Kaczich

general manager -eu

Joe Olshefski

chief operating officer -usa

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