our strengths

Today, our staffing is 500 strong, operating across different parts of China, Europe, North America and Singapore. We strive to continually bring our customers the same level of uncompromised quality that defines what the FX Minerals Group is all about.

we source from the best mines

Industry experts know that the best raw bauxite mines are in Shanxi, China. The bauxite we mine from this region boasts the highest alumina and lowest impurities content, the perfect recipe for top quality calcined bauxite. 

we own and operate our own plants

All of our calcining and crushing plants in China and the United States are the largest and most technologically advanced in its class. Since we own and operate our own plants, we don’t have to rely on anyone else to ensure that orders are fulfilled in a timely fashion and with the highest quality. 

we have decades of experience in quality control

Each of our plants is well equipped with full laboratory testing facilities, from EDTA systems to spectrophotometers, sieving testers, packing and weighing test systems. With stringent controls in place, no expenses have been spared in ensuring that our products meet customer specifications. 

we do our logistics in-house

Logistics is the glue bringing together source, plants, and customers who are spread out all over the globe. Our in-house packing capabilities ensures that we can ship in bulk, bags and customized packaging. Moving our products from point to point on schedule is our responsibility, be it ocean, river, or land.

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